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I had a seventh grade teacher who was kind of a hippie. She would pass the day humming …

the Rolling Stones’ “Angie” and teaching me about art and all things craft. I learned basket-making, how to fashion my own needle from a paper clip, that my drawings were “deep” and that knots can add up to some marvelous things.

Macramé is a way to take knots and turn them into everyday usables and decor. In Making No.7|Desert you’ll find a plant hanger pattern that is easy enough for the newbie and a quick project for the experienced. The photos above show the plant hanger done with some leftover cotton yarn we had in the shop and the key is to choose a yarn that has some grip. Cotton, jute, or even hemp cord work really well and keep things looking natural.

Just so you know, we are proud stockists of Making Magazine
https://makingzine.com/pages/stockists and have a few copies left of No.6|Black&White as well as No.7|Desert (see previous post).

MAKING No. 7/DESERT is coming!

Yardang Shawl by Bristol Ivy

A must-have for any yarn/fiber lover and maker, we are the very first shop in the United Arab Emirates and the GCC to stock these beautiful magazines. Making No.7/DESERT is available for pre-order and for sale starting April 19th.


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Gauge or Drape?

Started working on a shop sample last night to illustrate how summer crochet patterns can be used for cooler weather here in the Gulf.

I did my gauge swatch. Like always. And hit gauge for the J/10/6mm hook using a Japanese 8/0 which is approximately a 5mm or H hook.

I sure was pleased and started chaining right away without really getting a feel for the drape of the swatch I’d just produced. Just when I got to the underarm shaping it suddenly occurred to me to hold the work to my front to see how it looked. I wasn’t sure.

The drape of the fabric was stiff and so I ripped it all back and started again with a hook two sizes larger. The drape was perfect but the fabric made me look bulky whereas the other looked sophisticated and slimming.

Needless to say gauge won over drape on this one so I’m starting over, yet again. Serves me right for second-guessing the designer.20180913_1624322063050823658626506.jpg

Try your hand at Tunisian crochet

Getting ready for Fall🍁🍃🍂

LAMANA Crochet

Working on a winter dress. Design and pattern by Galina Zarubina.15130917887341744271759

Coffee & crochet, makes for a lovely day.